TrustViewerPro is a professional solution for organizing remote access to computers via the Internet.
Set up your own coordinating proxy server, and get a powerful, flexible and secure
system of managing computer park and remote user support!
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Manage a remote computer in private mode, provide remote support and work together, administer a fleet of computers, and all this in one convenient application.

Free version

Try the full-featured version right now, for free, without registration and without time limit (but no more than 10 devices simultaneously connected to the server)

Server control panel

Manage the rights of users/operators/administrators, centrally update the program on all devices, change branding settings, directly in the web control panel of the server.

Work with TrustViewer

Already use TrustViewer to support users? TrustViewerPro is fully compatible with TrustViewer, so you can use them simultaneously.

Integration with service Desk/help Desk systems

Thanks to the support of integration with service Desk/help Desk systems, it is possible to organize convenient and secure remote access to users ' computers based on ticket applications.

Integration into your own products

You can change the settings of the installation options directly in the distribution package, and perform the installation of the client simultaneously with your application in the specified folder in the “quiet” mode.

Software product "TrustViewerPro" was specifically designed to organize simple and secure access to remote computers, and allows to solve the following problems:

  • Support for users on the local network and over the Internet
  • Administration of the computer Park in the local network and via the Internet
  • Organization of remote workplaces of employees in the local network and via the Internet

Product features.
Software product "TrustViewerPro" is the extended version of the free software "TrustViewer" and is licensed under the terms of the subscription. The main difference between "TrustViewerPro" and the free version is the mandatory use of a dedicated server "TrustServer", which provides additional functionality in the organization of remote access and user support in local networks and via the Internet. "TrustViewerPro" backwards compatible "TrustViewer", that is, using "TrustViewerPro" you can connect to remote computers that are running "TrustViewer".

The software product "TrustViewerPro" consists of two interrelated modules:

  • The trustviewerpro client module, which is installed on end-user computers running the Windows or GNU/Linux operating system, allows you to both provide remote access to your computer and connect to other remote computers
  • Dedicated server "TrustServer", set on a physical or virtual server running Windows or GNU/Linux operating system, in relation to client module "TrustViewerPro" acts as a coordination server (responsible for initializing communication sessions), the proxy-server (transmitting traffic between computers, in case of impossibility of installation between a direct p2p connection), the server updates (allows in automatic mode to keep the versions as client modules, and the server itself) and the administration server (allows you to manage the rights and settings of registered users and computers, as well as the settings of the server itself using the built-in control panel)

As part of the branding, for the client module it is possible to change the logo and Wallpaper of the main form (static image of any size), customize the display of your banner (flash movie, gif animation, or static image size 468x120px) with the ability to click on the link (the link will be opened in the browser used "default"), as well as change the icon and the display name of the application.

All license options have the same unlimited functionality, except for one option – the maximum number of devices simultaneously connected to the server. The object of licensing is only the server itself, with the number of installed copies of client modules in all installation options and modes of use – unlimited. If the number of devices simultaneously connected to the server is exceeded, the work of client modules is not blocked (the connection to the server is not broken), but until the server has a sufficient number of free connections , it will not be possible to initiate a new communication session (at the same time, some possibilities, for example, sending messages to users, will be available).

Attention! Even the client module installed and running on the computer does not necessarily use a permanent connection to the server, so when choosing a license, it is important to understand how the program will be installed and how it will be used on the target computers in the future. More detailed information is provided in the user guide, see "Choosing a deployment strategy «TrustViewerPro»".

The following standard license options are currently available:

  • up to 10 devices simultaneously connected to one server (free of Charge)
  • up to 30 devices simultaneously connected to one server*
  • up to 100 devices simultaneously connected to one server*
  • up to 200 devices simultaneously connected to one server*
  • up to 500 devices simultaneously connected to one server*
  • up to 1000 devices simultaneously connected to one server*
  • up to 2000 devices simultaneously connected to one server*
    *For more information, please contact an authorized dealer in your area.

Registration of subscription.
You can get a new subscription, renew the old one, and get technical support from one of our authorized dealers.
The following official dealers are currently available in your area*:



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